Thursday, 16 July 2020

Summer Camp 17 July (Day 20)

Summer Camp 2020
Day 20


Today students had fun whole completing hand-eye coordination skills. We used both scoop and balls to throw and catch as well as aiming and shooting goals with hockey sticks. We then played a game of 'foosball floor hockey'.  After snack time we went inside to the MPR to improve our balance while playing on wheels. The day finished with a competitive game of 'battle pins'. 


Today the students created their ESCAPE ROOOM game board. They were so creative and made different styles and representations of the the rooms. 



At the end everyone was so excited for they tried solving other students' ESCAPE ROOMS!

Mad Scientists

The Mad Scientists collected leaf samples on a Nature Walk. They used the leaves and made a Nature Board that will show how the leaves change color, shape and texture.

Digital Masterpieces

Group C2 started their day with a story about ROBOTS EVERYWHERE!
Then we made our own unique robots:

 We also used the Tate Kids painting app to create our own digital masterpieces.

Pre Kindergarten
On the last day of Summer Camp, children made a lot of great art works!
They painted a bubble wrap and printed a pattern on the paper. They also made "salt painting"

We are great musicians!

Some treat for summer time....

Children made a shaker out of the photo frame and decorated with shells.

Today is also Maelle's birthday! All EY came together and sang a happy birthday song for her. Happy birthday Maelle!

  We had also time to experiment with snow powder. It was fun for everybody.

We wish you all a nice summer holiday and see you in August!